The ‘Mental Health in Business’ Awareness Course providing an overview of what Mental health is, our perceptions and how it can affect business.


This course looks at the individual and our relationship with our own mental wellness; why it is as robust (or not) as it is, what impacts on it and what we can do it improve and sustain it.

Course Content

We all have mental health. In the same way we all have physical and financial health. Sometimes it is good, and sometimes it could use some support to make it better.
We tend to understand that about other people far more easily than we do about ourselves. In fact, we often don’t get to know ourselves and our own state of health.
The awareness course is designed to allow space, time and reflection to understand ourselves better and the impact our thinking, communication and relationship with ourselves has on our mental wellbeing. We cover:

  • The way we think and how that impacts on how we feel and how we behave.
  • Communication with ourselves and those around us.
  • Optimism and resilience as tools for wellbeing.
  • How to talk about wellbeing at work.
  • Emotional check in and skills audit tools.

The course runs from 9.30 to 4 with lunch and refreshments provided (if off site.)

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As the conditions imposed by the coronavirus mean that face to face courses are no longer possible we are delivering our Mental Health Awareness course via Zoom. All courses are FREE.