This year some of our courses have been attended by members of a single company. The attendees have included Directors, middle management and people working from home. The discussions have been very wide ranging, free and a lot has been learned. Each set of courses includes the Awareness and Implementation courses and is followed by a month of free Consultancy to guide the companies in creating their own strategies. All attendees have agreed that they are a valuable use of time, especially the Directors and have resulted in each company moving forward to create their own strategies.

 Any company wishing to place 10 or more of their staff, including senior managers, on these free courses should contact us through the contact page so that timings and any particular issues that need to be raised can be discussed.

As companies come to terms with the effects of Covid on their staff and with the new working conditions that may prevail these courses are an invaluable means of communication with the whole company. The Rotary funds enabling these professionally presented courses are limited so early application is recommended.