FREE courses designed to help Improve the awareness and support of mental health in business

The wellbeing of our staff is essential to the success of our business.

Understanding more about mental health, and creating a mental health aware business or workplace, is a crucial step for any business.

Rotary SW Pensinsular are funding The Fox Project and the Kernow Communities to provide two courses for individual businesses to enable them to understand mental health and to identify the actions they can take to create to increase the wellbeing of their staff.

Our free mental health awareness courses can help this understanding.


We all have mental health. The Awareness course helps us to understand that how we are feeling at anyone time affects our ability to do our job and so how our staff are feeling can also affect their job performance

The implementation course allows a company to explore with its staff the factors that are important to their wellbeing and to identify an action plan that reinforces these factors.


Watch our short video where our course provider Amy discusses what the courses cover and what you can get from them.

Who are we?

Rotary in the South West are a group of Rotarians from a variety of local clubs who have come together for this project, which is designed to offer fully-funded Mental Health Awareness in Business courses throughout Cornwall and Plymouth.

Mental Health Awareness Courses
Mental Health at work

Our Project

During discussions with the Recovery College Cornwall project is became clear that mental health in business was a serious problem affecting the wellbeing of staff and the profitability of the business.

Rotary SW Peninsula, with the support of the Invictus Trust and The Rotary Foundation, decided to run a series of courses with presenters experienced in promoting well being in the workplace to address this problem.

These courses have been running for 18 months, face to face or by Zoom and have attracted over 200 people. They are all free and will be run for individual companies to the end of this year


Optimism: The Engine of Resilience

Optimism: The Engine of Resilience

Resilience is an interesting word. There are hundreds of definitions and yet it is very hard to define. A bit like confidence or self-awareness, we know if someone has got it, but we do not always know how we know they have got it. I have attended and completed...

Why I Left My Jobs

Why I Left My Jobs

I have been part-time self-employed since 2018 and took the leap into full-time self-employment in 2020.  Up until that point I had what some might call a very average portfolio career. I never climbed particularly high, but I did gain lots of experience working...

The Power of Honesty – Practising What I Preach

The Power of Honesty – Practising What I Preach

The bread of butter of my job is supporting staff within various organisations. And one question I get asked a lot, particularly by managers is: ‘How do you get people to open up about how they are feeling if they normally don’t admit they need any help?’ And my...

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As the conditions imposed by the coronavirus mean that face to face courses are no longer possible we are delivering our Mental Health Awareness course via Zoom. All courses are FREE.