Rotary in the South West were delighted to relaunch Rotary’s Mental Health in Business Project last night, during a Zoom meeting held by the e-club of Rotary in the SW – Devon and Cornwall. 

Over 40 people attended to hear our new presenters Amy Fox and Ian Curnow talk about a very practical and hands on approach to talking about wellbeing in the workplace. They will be delivering three new courses and a period of consultancy all funded by Rotary. 

The first of the courses is a 90-minute ‘Taster’ which describes how people in the workplace can be in different states of mental health, how to understand this and the strategies that can be developed to improve communication and so well being in the workplace. 

It goes on to show how the Awareness course helps develop communication and how the Implementation course discusses, with practical case studies, how this can be achieved. This can be followed by a short period of online or telephone consultancy .where any problem that arises in the strategic development can be discussed.

In the discussion that followed the point was made that these new courses showed a much more professional approach. The very practical background of the presenters was well received. Some suggested that there might be a need to tailor the length of courses to individual company’s time scales and this idea was taken on board.

There was general agreement that these fully funded courses, would make a considerable contribution in enabling a company create a workplace where people want to work, with the consequent increase in retention and productivity.