The ‘taster course’ is designed to give a brief insight into Mental Health Awareness for business owners, employers and employees.

Taster Course

A brief introduction to Mental Health Awareness for businesses and an overview of what we go into in more detail in subsequent courses.

This course is suitable for Business Owners, Employers and Employees.


Course Overview

  1. Introduce businesses to mental health awareness
  2. Give an introduction to the impact that mental ill health can have on the workplace.
  3. Provide a view of the main barriers to mental health awareness and support at work.
  4. Show how our courses address the issues and provide sustainable solutions.

Course Content


  1. How many people say they feel confident discussing MH at work?
  2. How many people report having a mental health issue and feel they cannot talk to their employer?
  3. How much does MH related issues cost companies?
  4. How much can companies save throughchanging processes(values-based recruitment / inductions etc)?

Barriers to effective MHA at work 1
Communication – how does communication work and why do we miscommunicate so much? Encoding and decoding.
Barriers to ehhective MHA at work 2
Unconscious Bias – what are the main types and how does it affect MHA at work?
Barriers to effective MHA at work 3
Leadership. What kind of leader are you?

Case Study
Ian Curnow from Konnect Communities.

Next steps and how we can help you – Overview of other courses available and post-course support.

Course Dates

9.30am – 4th May 2021

Awareness course

This course looks at the individual and our relationship with our own mental wellness; why it is as robust (or not) as it is, what impacts on it and what we can do it improve and sustain it.

Implementation Course

focuses on the business – it is a space to discuss and explore wellbeing at work; what is the gold standard? Where can wellbeing be introduced? What strategies can you take forward into your organisation?

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As the conditions imposed by the coronavirus mean that face to face courses are no longer possible we are delivering our Mental Health Awareness course via Zoom. All courses are FREE.