£39.4 Billion in 2016…


£45 billion is the cost to business of Mental ill Health in 2019 as calculated by Deloittes. 10% due to staff turnover, 30% to absenteeism and 60% to presenteeism – people coming to work because they feel they have to and being unable to work to their potential.

Our free courses can help this understanding.

Time For Change

Understanding more about mental health, and creating a mental health aware business or workplace, is a crucial step for any business.

Rotary in the South West are delighted to fund these courses and the Consultancy. The Fox Project and Kernow Konnect bring a wealth of mental health and wellbeing experience to enable your business to become more mental health aware with a focus on wellbeing and preventative strategies

Mental Health in Business
Mental Health Courses

Our Project

This Rotary project is fully funded and runs to 2022. It is aimed at supplying a high quality training opportunity for your business so that you can create a workplace that works for people who have or have had a mental health problem. (over 1 in 4 of us are in this situation). Our objective is to reduce the stigma of mental health and to give you the the resources to reduce staff turnover, increase productivity and broaden the range of skilled people available to fill vacancies It also benefits both employer and employees as they feel able to discuss their problem and so can, in many cases, raise it in time for a solution to be found.

The Courses

These courses are intended to be given to an individual company face to face and can be adapted to deal with any particular issues your company would like covered. They will be run from June 15th face to face on either your premises or an external training venue. Normally the 2 courses would be on separate days at times to suit yourself.
Mental Health at work cover

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As the conditions imposed by the coronavirus mean that face to face courses are no longer possible we are delivering our Mental Health Awareness course via Zoom. All courses are FREE.